Overloud has announced the release of TH-U, the follow up of the multi-awarded TH3 guitar amp simulation plugin.

Welcome to a new frontier, TH-U is the collosal new version of Overloud’s multi-award winning flagship Guitar Amp Simulation software. With a massive 239 models, TH-U is the world’s largest collection in a single package featuring no less than 1000 presets covering all musical styles.

Building on the now discontinued TH3 Full version, TH-U features 15 new amplifiers, including the Superlead and Superbass models, Polytone jazz amplifiers and DVmark Triple 6 head. It also comes with 14 new cabinets.

Also new is the Rig Player, which reproduces models captured from real rigs with the R2M (Rig To Model) technology. Amp Tweaks allows you to mod amplifiers by customizing pre and power tubes.
Furthermore, a Shimmer Reverb and a Shimmer Delay have been added and the Cabinet IR module has been improved and redesigned. The plugin also offers a new new multitrack looper and a search function on the preset banks.

TH-U features

  • 92 guitar and bass amp models.
  • 52 cabinet models.
  • 77 guitar and studio effects, including BREVERB 2 powered reverbs.
  • More than 1000 presets covering any musical styles.
  • Official emulation of Randall, THD, DVmark and Brunetti branded amplifiers.
  • Amp Tweak technology, allows to mod the amplifiers by changing the preamp and poweramp tube models, as well as simulating the action of a variac.
  • Rig Player, allows to reproduce rig models created by sampling real setups.
  • 3D, gap-less positioning of microphones and room simulation.
  • Advanced cabinet emulations with ReSPiRe 2 technology.
  • Fully customizable MIDI control for live usage.
  • Cabinet IR component, allows to load external IRs and mix two of them.
  • Multitrack looper with limitless recording time.
  • Flexible sound chain with split point for parallel processing.
  • Built-in chromatic tuner.
  • BREVERB and SpringAge based reverb effects.
  • Full compatibility with TH3 user presets.

TH-U Full is available now for the intro price of 199 EUR. TH-U Rock, TH-U Metal and TH-U Funk and R&B editions are on sale for 39 EUR each and upgrades from TH3 start at 59 EUR. Prices incl. VAT.

The new TH-U guitar amp plugin is available from Overloud and distributor PluginFox.