Paper Stone Instruments has introduced Palm Mute Piano, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The Palm Mute Piano was recorded in Studio 2 of Paper Stone Studios in Nottingham, UK (a converted cinema auditorium dating back to 1914).

The Palm Mute Piano is a 2.6GB 64 note Kontakt instrument. Each note of our PaperStone Grand Piano has been meticulously sampled using finger dampening, resulting in a unique cinematic tone. The PaperStone house piano is a Danemann Grand Piano 6’8″; Mahogany c1960, chosen for it’s rich character and mellow tone. Perfect for cinematic and jazz music.

It has been sampled in short (staccato) long (sustain) and pedalled articulations at 3 velocity levels, with 5 microphones: Close (mono) Stereo and Room.

Palm Mute Piano features

  • 4 Patches in NKI format
    • PMP Full (Complete with all articulations and dynamic keyswitching)
    • PMP Staccato (Lighter version with just the Staccato articulation loaded)
    • PMP Pedalled (Lighter version with just the Pedalled articulation loaded)
    • PMP Sustain (Lighter version with just the Sustain articulation loaded)
  • 1737 stereo samples recorded at 24bit 44.1 KHz.
  • Original user interface and advanced custom scripting engine.

The Palm Mute Piano is available exclusively at Sampleism, priced at £22.99 GBP until the end of May (RRP £34.99 GBP).

More information: Paper Stone Instruments / Palm Mute Piano