Novation and Focusrite have announced that members of its Sound Collective and Plug-in Collective are offered a free copy of the Parallel Aggressor audio plugin by Baby Audio.

Unlock unparalleled powers with Parallel Processing, which plays a fundamental role in getting a punchy mix sound. It works by duplicating the same track into multiple copies and processing each duplicate with different levels of intensity. By blending these duplicates together, you can add more power while still preserving your track’s natural dynamics.

The plugin hosts three parallel busses internally: Dry is your original signal, Spank is heavily compressed duplicate for extra punchy transients, and Heat is a heavily saturated duplicate of the original audio signal and adds harmonics. Combine all three signals to squeeze every drop of sonic juice out of your track.

Visit the Sound Collective and Plug-in Collective pages for more details. The offer is also valid for owners of ADAM Audio products.