Parawave Audio has announced the release of Vintage Sol, a new expansion pack for the Rapid synthesizer instrument.

Glowing warm like sunshine, inspired by classic analogue attributes, merging the best of both digital and analog worlds. By giving each patch a careful examination, the incorporated sound design techniques were chosen according to the motto “high fidelity by fine-tuning”. Getting the best out of simplicity, each preset was crafted to provide that “certain something” known from robust vintage gear. For uniqueness and high dynamic ranging sound environments.

Vintage Sol is a new warmth radiating sound extension for the RAPID Synthesizer. Included are new wavetables, multi-samples, drum samples and presets, ready for sound design and music production.

Vintage Sol features

  • 128 sound presets.
  • Includes 16 Bass, 12 Arp, 11 Keys, 11 Pad, 11 Solo, 9 Lead, 8 Pluck, 6 Drumkit, 6 Synth, 5 Drumloop, 5 Effect, 4 Drum, 4 Melody, 4 Sequence, 3 Bell, 3 Brass, 3 Chord, 3 Piano, 2 Organ, 1 Splitted, 1 Vocal.
  • 31 melody presets from the demo showcase.
  • 26 wavetables.
  • 50 multi-samples.
  • 62 oneshot drum samples (44.1 kHz, Stereo, 16-bit WAV).

Vintage Sol is available for purchase 41.66 EUR ex. VAT.

More information: Parawave Audio / XT – Vintage Sol