Severed Bit Buffer Repeats

Particular has released Severed Bits – Buffer Repeats, a new sample library.

Particular proudly presents Severed Bits – Buffer Repeats: severely electronic loops dismantled by overriding playback buffers and gently tormenting the result through transistors and vacuum tubes. Perfect for dirtying up any style of four to the floor, as well as adding a bit of erratic beauty to any downtempo or urban electronic styles.

Created by feeding sequences, melodies and beats into a playback buffer that gets repeated and overflowed trying to sync itself to arbitrary inputs, still slaving to a steady beat – resulting in bursts of bits in sync. Erratic, but still very beautiful – in it’s own way.

The sample pack costs £19.95 GBP.

More information: Particular / Severed Bits – Buffer Repeats