Past To Future Samples has announced the release of Untamed MIDI Grooves!, a collection of drum grooves.

Finally here are the MIDI grooves in a genre where no other MIDI groove library ever covered!

This style of Psychedelic Rock mixed with Hip-hop swings and hard-hitting mind-bending Bonham grooves and weird Ringo influenced fills creates a very unique drumming style!
And now you can have this style in MIDI format!

We took an awesome e-drum kit (Roland V-drums Td12) and a great drummer specialized in this style of playing and came up with many grooves, parts and fills packed with goodness!

The MIDI pack is available for $15 USD. The pack also includes the drum library heard in the demo for free.

Also available is DrAlienSmith Drums, a free collection of drum samples in collaboration with DrAlienSmith.

The “Dr.AlienSmith Drumlibrary” features the DIRTMIC-01 and the SUBKICK-01 microphones and is very versatile and suitable for lots of different genres.

This pack comes with an easy to use Kontakt interface and 24bit/48kHz Wav files are included for use with other samplers.

More information: Past To Future Samples