This page contains patches and sound banks for Zebra / Zebra2 by u-he.

u he Zebra 2

Zebra is a wireless modular synthesizer. It combines numerous synthesis techniques (subtractive, additive, fm, wavetable, etc.) with a powerful modulation engine that even smoothly integrates with the built-in effects section.

Unlike its analog predecessors Zebra has got an adaptive user interface that shows only what you can hear. You don’t have to worry about complexity – but it’s available when you need it!

Download patches/sound banks

IDTitleSound designer
1112downloadEmpyrean (Demo)New Loops
1078downloadCOILED (free patches)Perimeter Sound Arts
1073downloadTeksonik All Free (4 banks)Teksonik
1070downloadPadsheaven 3 (free patches)Joseph Hollo
1069downloadPadsheaven 2 (free patches)Joseph Hollo
1063downloadBattery Leak (demo)3ee
1062downloadLittle RainforestCorin Neff
1059downloadZebra Cinematic (Demo)Payam Tavakoli
1058downloadZebra Bday3ee
1057downloadVintage Keyboards3ee
1050downloadAbi ZebraAbi
1049downloadProject Xebra Demo (20 patches)Corin Neff
1048downloadXmas 2014Payam Tavakoli
1038downloadLEVEL 3-E Free Pack3ee
1025downloadPadsheaven demo (17 free patches)Joseph Hollo
1021downloadZebrasonix Freebie PatchesPerimeter Sound Arts
1019downloadHarvest Produce ReportPolybius
1011downloadZebra: One Shot KitsCorin Neff
1008downloadUntamed ZebraBronto Scorpio
999downloadProject X-ebra (teaser)Corin Neff
998downloadZebroscillators 2.5Sendy
997downloadCats In Heaven-15 Pads/FXAbstractCats
996download2011 AC Dev Stage OneAbstractCats
986downloadAnnihilation Dubstep and DnBXenos
985downloadZebra2 3amjustin3am
984downloadBlack and White and Redjustin3am
977downloadBlasterNick Moritz
976downloadRate Of Motion DemoPerimeter Sound Arts
975downloadZebrasonix DemoPerimeter Sound Arts
968downloadFour ARPsAbstractCats
966downloadAspect WavetableCorin Neff
950downloadZebra - Aspect of the CombCorin Neff
949downloadIce Storm DreamAbstractCats
916downloadForever 80's for U-he Zebra (Demo)Xenos
908downloadAbstractCats Zebra BassesAbstractCats
847downloadAmbient Voices DemobankDmitry Sches
835downloadmc Zebra Vision2010MC
829downloadDr. Tim WatersDr. Tim Waters
828downloadZebra2 AbstractCatsAbstractCats
810downloadHorseplayJohn Hunter
773downloadProgressive House Bank vol.1Nick Moritz
770downloadZebra VisionMC
763downloadPS Zebra2 TeksonikTeksonik
704downloadZebra FoodMenno Meijer
671downloadSwitched OnPolybius
599downloadJackD Zebra2Jack Deckard

Find more patches by sound designers, plug-ins or check the latest additions.

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Is there a tutorial online on how to go about using formant filters because I am new to the actual programming of Zebra. I want to learn how to tweak the presets and make my own sounds eventually. But I am more interested in learning how to make and form simple words.

Robert A. Ruzzo
Robert A. Ruzzo

Are there any patches that have actual VOICES? What I mean is computerized sounding voices. Or does anyone know how to actually program a human voice, like just a few words? I am interested in speech synthesis for some recording projects.


With Zebra’s formant filters you should be able to get some vowel type sounds and use FM for sibilance, but speech synthesis is quite hard.

Michael Kastrup did some formant/vowel patches, which you can find in the Zerbra patch library.

Paulo Vilela
Paulo Vilela

Tanks you

Santiago Garcia
Santiago Garcia

thank you very much!

Ƨƈaŧ Cazy
Ƨƈaŧ Cazy

nice :)




cheers man they’re really cool!