This page contains patches and sound banks by Kriminal.

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97 KRM VSTI Presets
96 KRM Voyager 48Voyager
95 KRM Triangle2 52Triangle II
94 KRM Taurus 16Taurus
93 KRM TauPro 32Tau Pro
92 KRM Tau2 16Tau Bassline 2
91 KRM PlastiCZ 36PlastiCZ
90 KRM Phantom 24Phantom
89 KRM Orca 9Orca
88 KRM NUSofting-Astrobelt 36Mother Ship Astrobelt
87 KRM MiniMonstaMinimonsta:Melohman
86 KRM Korg-MS20 32MS-20
85 KRM Korg Polysix 32Polysix
84 KRM Kiesel Helga 30Helga
83 KRM impOSCar Grooves 36impOSCar
82 KRM impOSCar 36impOSCar
81 KRM Hydra 43Hydra
80 KRM Firebird 48FireBird
79 KRM DominatorDominator
78 KRM Blue 32BLUE
77 KRM Blue2 32BLUE
76 KRM Augur 23Augur
75 KRM ASynth 19ASynth
74 KRM Albino 50Albino

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