Patchpool Alchemistry Metallica

Patchpool has announced Alchemistry Metallica, a new soundset for Alchemy by Camel Audio.

After producing 2 full Alchemy Banks with +100 patches each I will offer something on a smaller scale for my third Alchemy Sound Bank which will be the first in a series focussing on specific materials.

Metallica will contain about 50 patches with 8 variations each in the Remix Pad and focus on metals sounds derived from real instruments, metal objects and industrial field recordings. I want to keep the Balance between real sounding metal instruments and otherworldly textures and Soundscapes using also processed derivates of the sampled materials. Most sounds will be sample-based, of course also using the resynthesis features of Alchemy.

Alchemistry Metallica features

  • About 1 GB of original sample – source material:
    • China Cymbal bowed, scraped and beaten – multisampled and Round Robin.
    • Glockenspiel multisampled 24 semitones, 4x RR, 2 velocity layers (192 samples).
    • Chromatic Asian Gongs multisampled + Round Robin, 3-4 velocity layers.
    • Various metal objects.
    • Industrial metal sounds recorded in factories.
    • Steel Strings.
  • About 50 patches with 8 variations each.
  • Patch list (PDF) with a detailed description and paying tips for each patch
  • Note: Requires full version of Camel Audio Alchemy. Alchemy Player not supported.

Alchemistry Metallica is available to pre-order for 16 EUR (20% off regular price of 20 EUR). The soundset is scheduled for release on December 10th, 2011.

More information: Patchpool