Patchpool ChromaZone

Patchpool has announced ChromaZone, a soundset for the Chromaphone software synthesizer by Applied Acoustics Systems.

This soundset will contain +100 patches for Chromaphone by AAS. I’ll focus on slightly odd emulations of real instruments like mallets, bells, plucked strings and tines, hybrid strangers and percussive material as well as experimental patches, soundscapes and noises.

In case AAS updates Chromaphone to add Pitchbend, Microtuning and Aftertouch until the release I will make use of these features. If not then I will add these controls to the patches once the update has taken place and all customers will receive a free update of ChromaZone.

ChromaZone is now available to pre-order for 12.50 EUR (20% off regular price of 15.95 EUR). Release is expected around Christmas.

More information: Patchpool / ChromaZone