Patchpool TripleX

Patchpool has announced TripleX, a new soundset for the ElectraX synthesizer plugin by Tone2.

This Bank will contain +100 patches for ElectraX by Tone2. I will focus on the 4 main categories Pads, Sequences, Soundscapes and percussive sounds. About half of the sounds will be sample based, using samples especially produced for this Bank.

Lot’s of resynthed waveforms will be used as well and I’m determined to coax sounds out of this complex synth which I haven’t heard myself before. The unique Fractal Oscillators and Filters in ElectraX will be used extensively to create dense and fascinating electronic textures. Up to 4 layers per patch will make many of these patches sound TripleX.

TripleX for ElectraX is scheduled for release on October 20th, priced at 29 EUR. You can now pre-order the soundset for 23 EUR (20% off).

More information: Patchpool / TripleX