Patchpool has announced the release of Falcon Air, a sound library that combines organic acoustic samples with the plethora of synthesis forms available in UVI’s Falcon instrument.

Often several different synthesis modules are combined within in one patch, many presets make use of the new multi-granular engine, the wavetable synth and the new physical modeling module introduced in Falcon. All samples, wavetables and images (for image re-synthesis in the WT synth) were created especially for this library.

Expressive hybrid instruments meet multi-sampled percussive sounds, sweet ambient pads, ethereal textures and minimal sequences are drowned in haunting granular abysses, electric guitar ambiences, feedback swells and mesmerizing industrial drones, technoid synth arps and big bass sounds are accompanied by ethnic drums, beautiful mallets and various chromatic percussion sounds.

The sample content was generated from multi-sampled percussion instruments and glass objects, industrial field recordings executed in factories, electric guitar instruments, weird sounds of electronic gadgets captured with special coil microphones, audio-morphed vocal sounds and electronic soundscapes, also re-synthesizing and audio-morphing acoustic sounds with programs like Metasynth, Morph and Kaleidoscope, to name a few.

All patches have up to 30 Macros and switches assigned, most make use of the modulation wheel, quite a few also use aftertouch. In many patches tempo-synced modulators are used to animate the amplitudes and filters of the involved samples and sound generators, often key-switchable sound combinations or different articulations are available within one patch. All patches which have several different sounds split across the keyboard (often over a range of six octaves or more) use key-coloring in Falcon’s keyboard which makes it easier to navigate through the various split sounds.

Falcon Air features

  • 2.57 GB of original samples (538 wavs/stereo/48 Khz/24 Bit/phase-aligned), 24 wavetables, 1 single cycle waveform, 2 impulse responses, 11 images – very few samples were borrowed from other patchpool libraries. The content is not encrypted, so you can use the samples and wavetables in other samplers and synths or directly in your DAW.
  • Sampled acoustic instruments: Chinese opera cymbals, bowed and beaten, also hand cymbals, Wahwah tube, Water drums / jicara de aqua (a pair of water pumpkins), Various bell types like Japanese wind bells, Nepalese crotales, bell trees, camel bells, sleigh bells, bronze bells, swirling bells (solid sonic triangles), Glass gongs, Large frame drum, Amped electric guitar – drones, feedback swells, chord textures, e-bow sounds.
  • 102 patches combining most synthesis forms available in Falcon.
  • Includes Bells (13), Cymbals/Percussion (11), Guitars (12), Mallets/Plucks (12), Pads/Textures (18), Sequencer/Arps (11), Soundscapes/Drones/FX (14), Synths/Keys (11).

Falcon Air is available for purchase for 56 EUR. Requires UVI Falcon (full version).

More information: Patchpool / Falcon Air