Patchpool has launched Free Style, a soundset featuring 101 sounds for the Serum wavetable synthesizer by Xfer Records.

The third patchpool set for Serum explores this unique synthesizer to the bone, using conventional and more often unconventional sound design techniques. There are no restrictions, the goal was to create creative, inspiring and musical sounds with the best possible sound quality for each patch.

The palette of timbres in this set addresses and will inspire composers from many genres who are searching for smooth animated pads, complex soundscapes, intricate and minimal sequences, mellow and expressive leads, sparkling bells, percussive impacts, otherworldly noises, cinematic textures and gloomy drones.

Dozens of wavetables were extracted from the vast pool of patchpool samples, others were created inside the Serum waveform editor, images were wave-tabled/re-synthesized, many patches layer two wavetable oscillators and also incorporate the sample and sub oscillator. Numerous samples were created exclusively for this set, others were borrowed from various patchpool libraries. Each patch has four Macros and the modulation wheel assigned, velocity is used as an important modulator – not only for volume – many presets also use aftertouch, giving the Serumist deep control to shape the sounds and adapt them to a given musical context.

Free Style features

  • 101 patches (91.2 MB).
  • Includes 10 Bells – Plucks, 6 Leads, 14 Pads, 6 Percussive – Bass, 17 Sequencer, 32 Soundscapes – Drones, 16 Synths – Keys.
  • 364.5 MB of samples, 29 wavs/44.1 Khz/24 Bit/stereo.
  • 119 wavetables (85 MB).
  • All patches have velocity, aftertouch, modulation wheel and four Macros assigned.
  • Library size in total: 540.7 MB.

Free Style for Serum is available for purchase for 32 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Free Style