Patchworks has released version 2.1 of Conductr, an Ableton Live & Traktor controller app for iPad, which now includes a Brandl MIDI Drum pad.


Conductr is an app that musicians and DJs alike can design according to their specific needs: it features several different modules to control Ableton Live and Traktor.

Conductr is not about mimicking hardware or desktop software on the iPad, but to develop a new way of interacting with music.

Changes in Conductr v2.1

  • New module for Ableton Live: Brandl, the ergonomic Drum Pad
    • Ergonomic Mode interface featuring hand morphology detection system. Play with 1 to 5 fingers. Assign any pad to any finger.
    • Pad Mode interface featuring 16 pads on a 4×4 matrix, 8 Macro controllers and one XY-4D fx unit.
    • Settings editor:
      • 2 MIDI Mapping modes: Automatic Ableton Drum Rack Mapping and Manual.
      • 2 flexible volume modes: Touch Size (TSZ) and Center-Relative (CTR).
      • 2 fixed volume modes: Manual (set each pad’s volume) and Global (5 positions).
  • TRAKTOR module update:
    • Shows master BPMs.
    • Shows volume meter (VU).
    • Flux working with loops.
  • USB connection for Windows.

Conductr is available as a freemium app.

More information: Conductr