Want to learn more about Pure Data, the real-time graphical programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing, and GEM (Graphics Environment for Multimedia)?

You might be interested in the Pd & GEM Workshop by Florian Grote at STEIM / Amsterdam.

The workshop will provide a thorough, two-day introduction to creative audio work in Pd, and then expand its focus on the GEM extension library for Pd. With GEM, sophisticated tools for visualization are available directly inside Pd, and their handling is not different from the audio-related elements. This enables Pd users to seamlessly integrate their own visuals into their musical performances or installations, as well as to get creative with the user interfaces for their instruments.

Pure Data / GEM

Pure Data / GEM – integrate visuals into musical performances or installations

The goal of the workshop is to equip participants with a substantial basis for their own creative explorations. This will be achieved by combining lecture sections with assisted work on individual projects.

The workshop will be open to address individual interests and is generally directed towards:

  • composers who want to take a more interactive approach to composition,
  • live performers who want to start designing their own instruments, complete with innovative approaches towards user interface design,
  • installation artists who want to explore the possibilities of Pd in combination with the GEM extension library.

Participants should ideally have some background in working with digital audio on their computer platform. For the workshop, a computer running Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux is required.

Registration is required for this workshop and can only be done online at www.steim.org. Please register early to ensure a place. Places are limited to 12.

The workshop will take place from Monday, April 7 through Thursday, April 10. Included is an afternoon with special STEIM presentations on junXion, LiSa and the junXionboard to place Pd in a STEIM context.

Course cost: €200

Visit Pure Data and Florian Grote‘s website for more information.