Peter Dines ParamDrum

Peter Dines has released ParamDrum, a Reaktor drum machine with Machine Drum style parameter locks.

Peter writes:

This is a drum sequencer for people who want a fast, easy way to create unique sounding electronic beat sequences. It doesn’t have a compressor or reverb – surely you already have these things yourself, right? – what it has is a fun and fast workflow, and the ability to produce sequences that will surprise you as you create them. It’s not a one-button “tada, here’s your beat” randomizer, nor is it a traditional sequencer that expects you to painstakingly determine every detail. It’s a nice balance between the two. I put a lot of effort into the usability and workflow and I hope you’ll find it as much fun as I do to work with.

ParamDrum features

  • Note velocity represents probability a step will trigger.
  • Enter and delete notes with a MIDI keyboard.
  • Record per-step automation with MIDI CCs.
  • Independent sequence length for each of the three sequencers.
  • Extremely low CPU usage.
  • Fun beat sequences practically fall out of it.

ParamDrum is available for purchase for $12.50 USD (includes an instructional PDF, access to updates, and occasional bonus downloads like custom sample maps).

Visit Peter Dines for more information.