Pleasurize Music Foundation TT Dynamic Range Meter

Pleasurize Music Foundation has released version 1.3 of TT Dynamic Range Meter, a plug-in and standalone application for measuring the dynamic range in audio.

From the manual:

Out clearly‐defined goal is to discover and categorize over compression and to prevent overs with good true peak metering. We supply a whole number system from DR4 to DR14 to define the dynamic quality of a recording on one glance.
In order to achieve this goal, we have conducted extensive experimentation and have decided to obtain the “official” DR Value from the TT DR Offline Meter. A real‐time measurement would have certainly taxed the patience of users in determining the official and correct DR value.

Changes in TT Dynamic Range Meter v1.3

  • The TT Dynamic Range Meter Plug‐in is unchanged since version 1.2a.
  • The TT DR Offline Meter has two important new features:
    • File/Folder Switch: You have the choice to measure a complete image file of a sound carrier or the complete content of a folder. In folder mode please make sure to measure the complete album and avoid double or missing tracks within the folder for correct results. Folder mode is required for proper measurement in case of varying peak headroom from track to track. This would cause deviating results if measured in file mode. The folder mode enables easy DR measurement of CDs in combination with grabber software.
    • Logfile: If active the measurement process will write a logfile into the directory of the investigated folder. The logfile contains information like the total number of tracks, official DR value, peak and RMS information.

Important! Use just the TT DR Offline Meter to get the official DR value! The Plug‐in is designed for true peak and dynamic monitoring purposes.

The TT Dynamic Range Meter is currently available as a standalone application and VST plug-in for Windows PC (RTAS and AU version are planned for May 2009).

Visit the Pleasurize Music Foundation for more information.