Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Plectra Series 5: Guzheng, a new installment in the Plectra Series of plucked, picked, and stringed instruments for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The sample library includes over 14,000 samples across 3 mic positions, covering both standard & extended (bowed) playing techniques. It’s ideal for film, TV, and game soundtracks with an Eastern theme, but is versatile enough to be used in lots of musical styles.

Recorded, edited, and programmed using Impact Soundworks’ 10+ years of experience developing world instrument sample libraries, Plectra Series 5 is designed to be easily playable yet authentic. Composers can achieve realistic performances without any complex sequencing, and all key instrument information and controls are available on a single UI page.

Impact Soundworks collaborated with classically-trained guzheng player Qianqian Jin to capture the essence of the guzheng. Sustained finger plucks and picks are included along with harmonics, a variety of bends, and as a unique sound design element, a large selection of bowed articulations. Composers of film, TV, and video game soundtracks will enjoy the versatile range of tones available.

Also included in Plectra Series 5 are the powerful TACT 2.0 (Total Articulation Control Technology) and Console engines. With TACT, every articulation is configurable to the user’s preference: keyswitch, velocity, pitch bend, MIDI CC, or any combination. Console allows flexible mixing of the guzheng’s three microphone positions, along with the ability to add effects across 5 channels (4 insert + 1 send). Over 30 FX modules are available ranging from reverbs to digital and analog-style EQ, dynamics, and much more.

Impact Soundworks Pectra Series 5 Guzheng

Plectra Series 5: Guzheng features

  • Detailed close sampling in a studio environment.
  • Picked & finger plucked sustains.
  • Harmonics, multiple varieties of bends, bows.
  • TACT 2.0: total control over how all articulations are triggered and mapped.
  • Custom blending between any or all of the three oscs.
  • “Console”, the new modular mixer and FX rack with 30 effects, such as compressors, EQs, reverbs, chorus, phaser, etc.

Plectra Series 5: Guzheng is available now for $59 USD. The library requires Kontakt 5.7 or higher, full version.

The instrument is also included in the Plectra Series Bundle, which is on sale for $219 USD. It comprises the 8-string Acoustic Bouzouki, Highland Harps, Kazakh Dombra, Turkish Oud and Guzheng.

More information: Impact Soundworks