Refined Audiometrics Laboratory PLParEQ1

Refined Audiometrics Laboratory has released version 1.45 of their PLParEQ1 (a 1 band Phase Linear EQ Filter) and PLParEQ4 (a 4 Band Phase Lineaer EQ Filter) plug-ins.

Many more changes since v1.23, including:

  • restored default behavior as bypass — now precisely a wire with delay.
  • added color coding of graph to show Red for phase-warping, Blue for phase-linear.
  • added an All-Pass filter as the phase-warping version of the bypass (—— mode). Phase-linear bypass is true neutral and bypass.
  • added Cambridge Type 1, 2, 3 to Peaking EQ.
  • added simple graph of filter shape to PLParEQ1.
  • now FL 5 doesn’t hang anymore.
  • stricter conformity with VST standard.
  • added ramp down/ramp up when changing quality levels.
  • added text-edit boxes on PLParEQ1 so you can directly enter Atten, Freq, Q, and Gain.
  • added VST programs (presets) (32 per bank)

For more information and downloads, check the Refined Audiometrics Laboratory website.