Plughugger Club Tools vol 1

Plughugger has announced the release of Club Tools volume 1, a collection of presets for LennarDigital’s Sylenth1 virtual synthesizer.

Club Tools 1 is a direct approach to expand upon what Sylenth 1 is so damn good at: sounds for modern dance productions. The key for any successful track is to know which instrument to use for what, and Sylenth excels with basses and leads.

Instead of creating a mixed bag of classic synthesizer sounds, Club Tools 1 aims to provide a mixed soundset of not just different type of sounds, but also of complexity and originality. Club tools is set out to both cover your dance sounds needs with driving basses, leads which make you want to create melodies with and sequences that are designed to jumpstart your inspiration and. Press a key, adjust the modulation wheel and off you go.

Club Tools vol 1 features

  • 128 new sounds: 2 atmospheres, 33 basses, 40 leads and 53 sequences and arpeggios.
  • All sounds are 100% hand made and are not the result of mindless randomizing.
  • The modulation wheel is set up so it alters the sound in a logical way, not the classical vibrato.

Club Tools vol 1 is available to purchase for 9.09 EUR.

More information: Plughugger