Plughugger has introduced an experimental Omnisphere soundset geared towards ambient and cinematic productions. The Illuminator library is based on samples recorded from a metal floor lamp. 

We recorded the lamp using a traditional Piezo microphone and struck the lamp in different locations with different materials, from the large head to the springs and metal shaft. Inspired by the psychoacoustic samples made by Diego Stocco for Omnisphere, we also used an electric toothbrush to generate sustained “tonal” sounds.

To add a sonic counterpart to the metallic sounding samples, we morphed the sounds with recordings from an analog synthesizer (Analogue Solutions Leipzig) to create sounds with an organic yet synthetic quality. From these raw waveforms we built pads, textures, cinematic hits and rhythmic sequences inspired by the signature sounds from the original Korg Wavestation.

The sound library is on sale at a 75% discount, priced 4.90 EUR until January 15th, 2023.

Also available is Damaged Bits, sample pack that resulted from a sonic collision between an Elektron Analog Rytm, an old Atari ST computer and two rare Replay sampling cartridges.

At that time, using a sampling cartridge was the only way to get sound into the Atari, and transform the computer into a sampler. But don’t expect the well-balanced sound of old hardware samplers of that era, this is lofi. Bad, bad lofi.

The sampling cartridges used were the high-end Replay 16 and the cheaper budget Replay 4. While Replay 16 sounds decent, the Replay 4 turns anything into a sonic disaster with 8-bit lofi converters and a wonderful 48db signal to noise ratio.

Damaged Bits includes over 100 drum sounds, tonal stabs and bass sounds sampled with the Atari, 60 phrases and words sampled using the iconic speech synthesizer of the Atari, alongside 32 clean samples.

The sample pack is on sale for 9.90 EUR until January 15th, 2023 (regular 14.90 EUR).

More information: Plughugger