PlugHugger has released The Atom, a new electro soundbank for Linplug Albino 3.

The Atom is a toolbox for electronic music, made up by 173 bass sounds, sequences, gates, arpeggios and synth sounds.

Just like its name suggests – Albino isn’t the average animal in your zoo of synths. It’s a stubborn breed that if the name wouldn’t already been taken I would name it Zebra. While creating classic synthesizer sounds from Albino is easy, the key to get Albino to show its true self is to play by its strengths, rather than try making it to do tricks it isn’t interested in doing.

The sounds are 100% original and have all been designed by hand with the focus of modern electronic music.

The Atom is available to purchase for 7.90 EUR.

More information: Plughugger