TC Electronic offers free M30 Studio Reverb

TC Electronic M30 Studio Reverb

TC Electronic has announced it is offering a free copy of its M30 Studio Reverb for a limited period of time.

The M30 Studio Reverb is a simple to use, great sounding reverb that is powered by AlgoFlex™ – a new high definition TC technology that enables hardware quality and predictability to be ported to native software.

TC Electronic has been at the forefront of effects development for decades, and our reverb algorithms can be found in the best recording and mixing environments in the world. With its great sound M30 is a unique addition to any VST- or AU compatible application.

To get a free copy of the M30 Studio Reverb you need to sign up for the TC Electronic newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).

More information: TC Electronic

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TC needs to fix their link page for this. I submitted 4 times, got 2 emails with blank links, and 2 without getting an email response at all. Poor, just atrociously poor website functionality.

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

I got the emailed links just fine. Problem so far… is the plug-in doesn’t run for me in FL9. Maybe it’s an SSE2 related plug?


I downloaded the plug-in on another computer in my living room, which has FL7 on it and it works fine, the problem is i copied the file and the code to my music computer which is about the same specs and tried to run it on FL8 and Cubase Essential 4 and the shit shows up as some kind of error, strange my bedroom setup is much better, a hand built computer with all the bells and whistles including an M-Audio Omni Studio w/ Delta 66 card, WTF!! If someone has a answer, i’d love to hear it!!

Cheddar Man
Cheddar Man

You can probably make a more conclusive test by installing FL7, on your bedroom computer. If the plug-in works… then it has to be an issue with the M30 plug-in only working with certain host.

You can also try installing FL8 on the living room system and see if the plug runs as expected.