Plughugger has released Ultra Bass, a new soundset for the AAS Ultra Analog VA-1 synthesizer.

Bass/bass//bass. Is it possible to get enough of bass sounds? We at Plughugger certainly doesn’t think so, but then again, we are serious bass fetishists.

While creating the Ultra Bass soundset we one goal in mind: to create a soundset that would cover both traditional bass sounds as well as sounds that stand out more in a mix.

Technically speaking, the Ultra Analog synthesizer is a quite unremarkable synthesizer by todays standards. But based on the powerful synthesis engine from Tassman, Ultra Analog rests on a solid foundation (sound-wise), which instantly ignited our creative spark: to bring out the true analog rumblings and nastiness of the Ultra Analog VA-1.

Although mainly designed for electronic styles such as house techno, due to an equal share of classic bass sounds this soundset will work just fine with styles such as pop and hip hop as well.

Ultra Bass features

  • The Ultra Bass soundset was distilled from 114 patches until only the 64 best remained.
  • All sounds are 100% hand made and are not the result of mindless randomizing.
  • Format: Ultra Analog format (works with VST, AU and RTAS).

Ultra Bass is available to purchase for 5.90 EUR

More information: Plughugger