Plugin Alliance has introduced a new multi-band compressor effect plugin from Lindell Audio. The MBC delivers the smooth, punchy glue of the SBC emulation of the iconic API 2500 analog bus compressor in multiband form.

Transparent yet assertive, smooth yet punchy, this style of VCA compressor is a perennial favorite on mix bus, drums, vocals, bass, and any source that demands aggressive compression without compromising on tone. Now with three independent bands for separate compression of lows, mids and highs, the MBC solves even more problems and opens up more possibilities than its predecessors.

Just like the single-band version, the MBC is a must-have on the mix bus. But with its multiple bands, it does so much more: Use it to split process your bass, getting tight, well-controlled lows without over-compressing your mids. Add some control to the midrange of your drums without adding artifacts to your cymbals or weakening your kick drum. Give vocals plenty of squeeze without undue sibilance, and much more.

Lindell Audio MBC features

  • Faithful emulation of the API 2500 compressor and 2520 Op Amp with three compressor bands: Low, Mid and High.
  • Flexible crossover selection for custom tailoring your frequency bands.
  • A suite of useful presets for all major applications and instrument groups.
  • Full variable wet/dry Mix knob .
  • Unique filter section provides the option of low cut and high boost for precisely targeted compression.
  • Variable link between left and right channels.
  • Select older “feed back” or more modern “feed forward” compression.
  • Added “NUKE” option for even more aggressive compression.
  • Selectable ratio, attack and release times.
  • Soft, medium or hard knee for gentler or sharper compression tones.
  • Auto and manual gain make up.

Regular $299 USD, the MBC plugin is free with a purchase of SBC, which is only $29.99 USD until February 16th, 2023. Existing owners of SBC can also get MBC for free during the promotion.

More information: Plugin Alliance