Plugin Boutique has announced a price drop on LEVELS, the metering plugin by Mastering the Mix that offers a simple solution to assessing the technical details of your music.

Mastering the Mix Levels price drop

LEVELS allows you to easily and instantly see any technical issues with your mix, without the confusing visuals of existing metering solutions.

LEVELS only draws your attention to aspects of your mix that need fixing. Meaning you spend less time figuring out why your mix isn’t working and more time being creative.

LEVELS features

  • Easily and instantly see any technical issues with your mix.
  • True peak meter to make sure your masters don’t clip through speakers.
  • EBU R128 compliant integrated and short term LUFS meters.
  • Vectorscope to visualise stereo width. Left / right and correlation meter will glow red if there are issues and remain green if all is well.
  • Low Pass button on vectorscope solos your low frequencies below 300hz so you can see their stereo width.
  • Dynamic Range section tells you if your music is over compressed. Algorithm based on reliable Short Term LUFS to peak ratio.
  • Bass Space section identifies if any channels are outputting unwanted low frequencies.

LEVELS for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) is now available for purchase for £49 GBP (previously £69 GBP).

More information: Plugin Boutique / LEVELS