Flo Audio has released an impulse response pack of the hall algorithm of the Lexicon PCM91 hardware digital reverb unit.

Flo Audio Lexicon PCM91 Halls

It’s an unexpected release, i thought i’d be putting out some irs of my old school babies next, but hey, a friend of mine lent me his pcm 91 last monday after we were done with a recording session.. so here it is, the Lexicon PCM91!

I thought some of you guys could find enjoyment in that, so i decided to rip all its presets, and i’ll put out a Flo Audio custom presets set once i’m done with the stock presets.

The pack includes a collection of 50 impulses. It is available for download for “name your price”.

More information: Flo Audio / Lexicon PCM91 – Halls