Plugin Boutique has launched the Auto-Inspire Bundle, a limited time value offer that includes the newly released Scaler 2 MIDI plugin and Audiomodern’s Playbeat 2 groove randomizer.

Harmony & rhythm, two fundamental aspects to music composition, can oftentimes be difficult to get right. By exclusively combining two top-quality plugins that streamline your approach to these elements, we’re aiming to provide you with a phenomenal collection of chords and rhythmic patterns, without diminishing creativity.

Scaler 2 is an intuitive, inspiring MIDI plugin that provides 200 song and genre-based chord sets and over 200 artist chord sets to inspire new progressions and melodies; plus, choose from hundreds of scales and modes to get your creative juices flowing.

Now with version 2, Scaler can listen to incoming MIDI or audio data and detect the key your music is in. After this, it will suggest chords and chord progressions that will fit with your song.

Scaler 2 can send MIDI to a virtual instrument in your DAW, and it has 30 onboard instruments to play with as well.

Playbeat 2 is a Creative Groove Randomizer plugin that intelligently generates beats and patterns for your productions.

Unlike a typical step sequencer, Playbeat 2 creates patterns using algorithmic and random procedures to generate notes by combining Steps, Pitch and Volume information.

The Auto-Inspire Bundle is exclusive to Plugin Boutique and only available for a limited time only, priced £69.95 GBP / $89 USD.

More information: Plugin Boutique