Plugin Boutique has announced a sale on the Carbon Electra 4-oscillator subtractive synthesizer instrument, offering a discount of over 60% off for a limited time.

Carbon Electra features informative displays, editable step sequencer, vocal filter, multi unison, integrated distortion and analog control.

Plugin Boutique present Carbon Electra. Carbon Electra is a powerful and intuitive synth built by producers, for producers. It’s a four-oscillator subtractive synth with a modern feature set. It has been developed as an advanced learning tool whilst also being a powerful and easy-to-program synth. Being based on vintage analogue routing and featuring flexible modulation options including an editable stepper and note performer.

The graphical displays act as a comprehensive information tool as well as an accurate guide to each parameter change. Best of all, it sounds incredible.

The synth is on sale for £14.95 GBP / $19 USD until December 5th, 2021. All Carbon Electra expansion packs, including Neon Synthwave and Cinematic Dimensions, are on sale for only £4.95 GBP / $7 USD each during the promotion.

More information: Plugin Boutique