Plugin Boutique has announced that any order of a paid product at its store comes with a free copy of the EXOVERB Micro reverb effect plugin by Dear Reality.

Elevate your stereo mix with EXOVERB MICRO’s realistic and spacious reverb. This compact audio plugin packs a punch, powered by the same proprietary reverb engine as its bigger brother, EXOVERB. Choose from 8 expertly crafted acoustic scenes for a truly authentic sound in modern audio production. Streamline your mixing process with the intuitive triangle pad to perfectly balance late reverberation, early reflections, and dry signals.

Though spatial audio technologies offer new perspectives on sound and the listener’s immersion, it is often overlooked that Stereo can produce an immersive sound field with realistic depth, too – if done right. With Dear Reality’s proprietary reverb engine, Dear Reality unlocked this capability by applying the fundamentals of their well-known spatial audio technology to stereo reverb plugins.

Regularly priced $25 USD, EXOVERB Micro for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU and AAX) is free with a purchase until May 1st, 2023.

More information: Plugin Boutique