Plugin Boutique has launched an exclusive a collection of three AudioUnit plug-ins for Mac.

PIB Exclusive Sinevibes Bundle includes:

  • Diffusion – Diffusion is an AudioUnit synthesizer plugin for creating unique basslines and motion sounds. Its engine combines additive oscillators and waveshape modeling with an advanced matrix sequencer that allows for over 400 different parameter combinations per step. All this is controlled via an intuitive color-coded interface, making Diffusion a one-of-a-kind instrument that’s both deeply capable and fun.
  • Drift – Drift is an AudioUnit effect plugin that adds smooth chaotic motion to any sound. It features a two-dimensional fractal generator that produces endlessly developing waveforms and is unique per each audio channel. The generator output is then applied onto sound level and filter cutoff frequency and allows you to create various ever-changing, widely stereoscopic modulation effects: pan fluctuations, infinite crossfades, random filtering and tremolo, chaotic wobble, and more. With a very simple interface, Drift can easily bring life and movement into any type of sound.
  • Strobe – Strobe is an AudioUnit effect plugin for rhythmic audio gating. Its core is a sequencer that runs in perfectly precise sync with your DAW and lets you mute individual notes and sounds in a looped fashion. Thanks to variable timing, swing and gate shape Strobe can easily match the feel of any melodic or rhythmic part. It’s a simple yet versatile effect that is essential in all styles of music – and it has an incredibly fun-to-use interface.

The Sinevibes Bundle is available to purchase for $38.50 USD (regular $77 USD).

More information: Plugin Boutique