The Drum Broker has launched Port Rich Volume 2, a new collection of original soul samples by Soul Surplus.

Drum Broker Port Rich Volume 2

Port Rich Volume 2, is the second original sample collection from Soul Surplus. Included in the second collection are 10 original tracks full of soul and ‘vibes’, perfect for producers and creators to utilize as their foundations for new creations. In this volume, the main focus was on texture. The team pushed to create a sound that closely emulates the sound right from your turntable.

We offer hassle-free sample clearance, so you’ll never have to worry about jumping through hoops to get your music approved for distribution. All sounds included are compatible with any DAW or sampler (44.1K).

Instruments used in this collection: Fender Rhodes // Access Virus // Roland Jupiter // Moog Opus 3 // Moog Minotaur // Yamaha DX7 // Fender Precision Bass // Lakland 55-02 Bass // Notation Ultranova Synth // Fender Stratocaster Guitar // Novation Bass Station II

The sample pack is available for purchase for $29.99 USD. A pack with both the compositions and stems is $59.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker / Soul Surplus Port Rich Volume 2