Positive Grid has announced the release of X Drummer. After a few months of public beta testing, the artificial intelligence drum app for iPad is now available.

X Drummer will be your best songwriting partner. With a few finger taps, it quickly learns your song. You can even change the feel of each drummer depending on your personal taste.

X Drummer will intelligently search through thousands of drum patterns and drum kits and virtually match your songs. The more you play with X Drummer, the better it gets at learning your preferences. But this is just the beginning…

X Drummer features

  • Super Intuitive Browser and drum track editor.
  • Audio file export.
  • Advanced search function to sort out your drum groove in a second.
  • Hundreds of onboard drum grooves.
  • Drum sound customization to design your drum sound.
  • AI Drum to learn your guitar and feedback matched drum track.

X Drummer for iPad is available for purchase for $19.99 USD.

More information: Positive Grid / X Drummer