Soundation Studio Beta

PowerFX has announced the introduction of 3 synths, a drum machine and a noise generator for everyone to use in their web based sequencer, Soundation Studio.

The addition of instrument channels adds a whole new dimension to making music on the web to go along with the existing sound tools in this innovative application, like 400 loops, 9 real time effects and publish to web functionality.

New virtual instruments

  • Simple, a 4 oscillator synth with Saw, Square, Sine and Noise waveforms complete with Amp and Filter envelopes.
  • Mono, 2 oscillator synth with a mix pot to blend the saw and square waveforms.
  • SuperSaw, 7 oscillators with Detune, Spread and Amp envelopes.
  • Drum Machine, with 8 classic 808 style sounds and individual drum sound settings for Gain, Pitch, Hold and Decay.
  • Noiser is a white noise generating synth with an Amp envelope for the romantics in us all.

Note clips and a side chain emulator called “Fakie” are other new developments to Soundation Studio.

More information: Soundation