PowerFX / Retro Sampling Erlenmeyer Field

PowerFX has released Erlenmeyer Field, an electric piano sound library by Retro Sampling.

Picture your self darkness, moonlight, out in the woods, you are all alone but somehow you are not alone…

These sounds are created to give you that odd suspense feeling of weirdness that were established in thriller movies and sci-fi series in the early 90’s , you can’t really describe what it is but you can nearly describe how it sounds, it’s unexplainable and creepy and we all like it… This time it’s Erlenmeyer Field.

Erlenmeyer Field features

  • Sample-based virtual instrument plug-in.
  • Size: 610 MB content – 220 MB download.
  • Includes: Wav/HALion/Kontakt/NN-XT/ReFill/Maize-Standalone/VSTi (WinXP/ASIO needed for Standalone/VSTi).

Erlenmeyer Field is available to purchase for $14 USD.

More information: PowerFX