PowerFX Swiss Army Knife VSTi

The Swiss Army Synth is designed to give electronica musicians and sound
designers a simple but incredible powerful synth/sample player, with big raw sound files and powerful controls to create all for just $19.

PowerFX has focused on the user that wants a cool and visually simple tool with a combination of big, raw, workable waveforms to take advantage of the superb synthesis engine and usable bass, lead and pad sounds that will allow for an infinite arsenal of creative possibilities. Need cool sounds to your next track? Swiss Army Synth to the rescue.

Included content:

  • 17 Bass patches, 15 Lead patches, 19 Pad patches
  • Sound generation: Sample-based subtractive synthesis
  • Polyphony limit: 256 voices
  • Sound sources: Samples, analogue-style oscillators (alias-free)
  • Filters/Effects: LP, LP ladder, distortion, comb-filter, frequency shifter, bit/sample rate-reduction, formant-filter, gate, delay, chorus, stereo-widener, frequency shift based flanger.

There is no demo available but PowerFX has a full money back guarantee. Check the PowerFX website for more information.