Precisionsound Jetstream 2

Precisionsound has announced the release of Jetstream 2, a sound designer’s tool bench for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Wrapping a library of natural and electronic loops in a single instrument, Jetstream 2 generates a wide variety of sound effects, including ambiences, drones, sweeps and hits.

Users can layer and transform sounds with multiple filters, extensive modulations, and creative impulse responses. Custom mastering effects are built in for shaping tone, space, and dynamics.

Jetstream 2 builds on the concept of the original Jetstream library and features entirely new sound loops, impulse responses, and presets.

Precisionsound founder, Lars Westin, said: “Jetstream 2 makes you the sound designer. With Jetstream 2 you can create anything from abstract drones to glitchy electronics, imaginary animals to big booms, and even chromatic synths.”

Jetstream 2 was created by Iain Morland, whose credits in audio design, editing and programming include over 100 virtual instruments, as well as film, theatre and game projects.

Jetstream 2 features

  • 50 original sound loops (259MB).
  • 32 unique impulse responses (21MB).
  • Intuitive colour-coded interface for sound design.
  • 65 professionally designed presets.
  • 44.1kHz 24-bit stereo WAV throughout.

Jetstream 2 is available for purchase for $39 USD (+$9 USD if you want it on DVD). Requires full versionof Kontakt 3 or above.

More information: Precisionsound / Jetstream 2