Precisionsound Real CR-8000

Precisionsound has released Real CR-8000, a sample library featuring the sounds of the Roland CR-8000.

We have sampled each sound in up to 16 different single hits. We also programmed rolls when possible to capture the true behavior of the CR-8000 when a sound is rapidly repeated. All hits and rolls have been sampled in both normal and accented versions.

All grooves of the CR-8000 has been recorded in 4 bars and soundgroups are separated, you get both a “mix” loop including all sounds for that particular groove and kick/snare, hihats, cymbals, Congas, Cowbells etc. as separated loops for all grooves in both normal and shuffle versions. We recorded the grooves in low tempo around 60 BPM.

Real CR-8000 features

  • 2 programs for NI Kontakt (variation of single hits as round robin and velocity layers).
  • 3 programs for HALion (variation of single hits mapped in velocity layers).
  • 1 program for SoundFont 16bit (variation of single hits mapped in velocity layers).
  • 227 single hits and rolls in 24bit Mono WAV.
  • 255 24bit Rx2 loops.
  • 255 24bit WAV loops.

Real CR-8000 is available for purchase for $19 USD (includes all formats).

More information: Precisionsound / Real CR-8000