Precisionsound Royal Reed Organ
Precisionsound Royal Reed Organ Kontakt 2

Precisionsound Royal Reed Organ Kontakt 3

Precisionsound has launched the Royal Reed Organ, an organ instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

The Royal Reed Organ is the flagship harmonium library from Precisionsound with 18 independent registers and a realistic air pump.

It has a powerful low end, sweet high voices, and a warm midrange timbre. It’s based on a sophisticated Östlind & Almquist suction air harmonium from the 1920s. Capable of everything from simple accompaniment to complex lead lines, the Royal Reed Organ suits acoustic, classical and sacred music in traditional and contemporary styles alike.

Royal Reed Organ features

  • Eight individually sampled upper registers.
  • Ten individually sampled lower registers.
  • Chromatic release samples.
  • Realistic air pump effect.
  • Expressive modulation controls.
  • 40 presets.
  • 1033 stereo 24-bit WAV samples.
  • 1 program for NI Kontakt 5.5.1+ with scripted performance controls and GUI.

Royal Reed Organ for Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (full version) is available for purchase for $99 USD. A DVD version costs an additional $9.95 USD.

More information: Precisionsound / Royal Reed Organ