PreSonus has announced it is now shipping the Studio Magic Plug-in Suite for the Studio One 3 DAW for Windows and Mac. The software bundle includes seven popular plug-ins in Studio One Native Effects format.

PreSonus Studio Magic Bundle

SPL Attacker is a micro-plug-in that employs the same Differential Envelope processing technique as SPL’s famed Transient Designer. Using SPL Attacker, all attack events can be amplified, regardless of their signal level. By focusing on the initial transient instead of specific frequencies, SPL Attacker amplifies just the attack curves of a sound event. This allows instruments to be mixed at lower levels, which opens up space in the mix, while the relationship between tracks is preserved. Emphasize the attack of a kick drum or a loop, adjust the apparent “distance” of a microphone by varying the Attack values, and increase the attack of guitar sounds for in-your-face tone.

Mäag Audio EQ2 delivers the sound of the Mäag Audio EQ2 two-band hardware equalizer. Mäag Audio’s EQ design allows for exceptionally low phase shift across all EQ adjustments, which helps maintain the integrity of your mix’s original sound while enhancing the very high “air” frequencies. The distinct high-frequency excitement of the Air Band can be controlled with six frequency settings, including a 15 kHz setting that lets you add brilliance right where you need it. The low-mid frequency band offers six wide and five narrow bell settings that let you zoom in on problem areas in a way most EQs can’t. The Air Band interacts with the LMF band to sculpt your tracks with amazing transparency and top-end presence. An input attenuator lets you normalize levels before applying EQ.

Lexicon’s MPX-i Reverb delivers seven classic Lexicon plate, hall, chamber, and room reverbs. A streamlined interface and 100 versatile, finely crafted presets enable you to quickly get the sound you want. Input and output metering let you monitor levels at a glance.

With its unique combinations of pitch shifting, modulation, and delay, the Eventide H910 Harmonizer was a classic hardware processor with a distinctive sound. The H910 plug-in is a faithful re-creation. Use pitch changing to create specific musical intervals and perfect harmonies, spread guitars, fatten snares, apply subtle organic detuning to synths, and add slap-back delays to vocals. At extreme settings, you can create unique mechanical sounds, drone effects, and more, using self-oscillation, delay, and anti-feedback.

Also from Eventide comes the 2016 Stereo Room, which delivers a natural, yet distinctive-sounding reverb that can be lush or subtle. Derived from Eventide’s SP2016 hardware processor, its simple, intuitive controls allow you to fine tune your virtual space, from a dark hallway to a bright studio vocal room. Use multiple instances to bring out the character of different parts of a track.

Rather than re-creating a specific hardware compressor, the Brainworx bx_opto compressor combines the best aspects and anomalies from several legendary, light-dependent compressor circuits. The result is a powerful dynamics processor, teeming with character and delivering sounds that can’t be achieved with analog optical compressors. Unlike hardware compressors, you can adjust the speed at which the simulated photo cell reacts, providing control over release times to shape transients in ways no hardware optical compressor can. Combine that with the sweepable sidechain filter (20 Hz – 20 kHz), and you have a unique compressor that can perform seamless dynamics management or create dramatic compression effects.

Completing the Studio Magic bundle is Arturia’s Analog Lab Lite, a “Greatest Hits” collection of physically modeled—not sampled—classic analog synths, organs, string machines, and pianos from Arturia’s V-Collection of virtual instruments. Enjoy models of iconic instruments from Oberheim, Roland, Sequential Circuits, ARP, Hammond, Fender, Wurlitzer, Moog, and Vox.

The PreSonus Studio Magic bundle is available immediately and is free to registered owners of any currently available PreSonus audio interface or mixer, including AudioBox USB, AudioBox i-series, and Studio-series interfaces and StudioLive Series III, StudioLive AR USB, and StudioLive RML-series mixers.

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