Percussa has announced that the Synthor System 8 that was recently presented at the NAMM show in Los Angeles, is now available to pre-order.

Percussa Synthor System 8

Synthor SYSTEM 8 consists of the ENGINE synthesis platform, featuring quad core DSP processing, high end multi-channel AKM DACs and ADCs, MIDI ports, SD card slot and USB host and device ports, as well as the REMOTE control surface and base station, featuring high resolution encoders an durable switches, and finally the third generation of wireless AUDIOCUBES, featuring low latency and high resolution sensors, communicating wirelessly with both ENGINE and REMOTE. Only high end industrial plastics and aluminum and quality components are used. Synthor SYSTEM 8 is a self-contained modular synthesis system and does not need a computer.

Percussa has also built a completely new website to showcase Synthor SYSTEM 8, featuring a new design, detailed high resolution photos of the SYSTEM 8 hardware, and an easy to use shop that allows users to build their own custom Synthor Modular system. The default system consists of one ENGINE, one REMOTE, eight AUDIOCUBES and one set of rack ears and sells for $4240 (excluding taxes and shipping).

The number of systems available is limited. Pre-orders will ship in 6 to 8 weeks from the date ordered. Percussa will be making additional photos, videos and demo sounds available through its website in the coming weeks.

More information: Percussa