Prime Loops Floxytek: Strike for Ableton Live

Prime Loops has introduced Floxytek: Strike, a template pack for Ableton Live.

We are pleased to present you with this ‘Hardtek Melbourne Style’ template, composed by Floxytek in Ableton Live.

This project, including lasers and growl bass, will help you compose fat sidechained kick basslines with the Massive synth and show you how the adjustment of compressors, limiters and EQ will help the quality of your sound. This Template, based on midi composition, may serve you as a basis to produce tracks or live sequences.

All the parameters of synthesizers, effects, and notes, are changable, so you can use it as a tool, whilst keeping your own style. The template is written like this: intro, build, then the general theme (1 minute in all). Beginner or expert, it will work for you!

The pack is available for purchase from Prime Loops for £14.95 GBP. Requires Ableton 8.4 or higher, and Massive 1.3 or higher.

More information: Prime Loops