Prime Loops has released Twisted Dubstep Beats, a drum sample library for dubstep music production.

Prime Loops Twisted Dubstep Beats

Re-inventing the intrinsic elements of dubstep percussion, you can expect to find your shuffling snares and standard claps, sliced, diced and re-arranged! “Twisted Dubstep Beats” crafts enigmatic new patterns from the crooked dynamics of “BeatPrism”, to the jagged steps of “RoboChop”, and the angular blows of “SnappySkip” to the meandering palpitations of “UKDrop”!

Eclipse the competition and hammer some fresh angles into your mix with over 200mb of rebellious beats, ranging from 130Bpm to 150Bpm, primed and ready to drag and drop straight in to your mix. You can even stretch or squeeze any loop to your own desired speed! And – as a special add-on for advanced beatmaking we have also included an intense section of over 100 truly twisted dubstep drum one-shot samples for this one!

Twisted Dubstep Beats is available to purchase for £9.95 GBP.

More information: Prime Loops