Prisma Sounds has launched Dr.UMS, a virtual drum instrument library for Kontakt featuring the sounds of the Boss Dr. Rhythm DR-550 drum machine.

Prisma Sounds Dr.UMS was made sampling each kit piece from the original DR-550 at 24-bit, whose accent control is mapped to velocity.

It comprehends two instruments: one where the sounds are laid out according to the standard drum map, with the option to select kit pieces, or spread out the keyboard to provide complete layering freedom.

Additionally, Dr.UMS offers the possibility to control the release of samples, the reverb settings and to add a Lofi effect.

Dr.UMS features

  • All 48 kit pieces of the DR-550, sampled at 24 bits.
  • Two instruments for maximum MIDI mapping flexibility.
  • Kit pieces selection menus to choose from 5 kicks, 6 snares and 2 hi-hats.
  • Velocity control of Accents.
  • Release, Reverb Size, Reverb Wetness and Lofi effect.

Dr.UMS for Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher (full version) is available for £5.95 GBP.

A free Dr.UMS Lite version includes 35 of the 48 kit pieces, with only 2 kicks, 3 snares and 1 hi-hat.

More information: Prisma Sounds