Pro Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects has announced some Holiday Specials, including 20% off Blastwave FX products.

It’s that crazy time of year again, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon of holiday specials and offering you, our beloved clients, some eyebrow raising sales on some of the best sound effects libraries out there. Film? Broadcast? Games? Military? Veterinarian? We’ve got the sounds for you.

Pro Sound Effects deals

  • 20% off ALL Blastwave FX: This is especially great for BWFX SDS libraries, as 20% off equals $200 – $1200 in savings. Rememeber that SDS libraries include free updates for life that’s right!! Your library just keeps growing and growing… just like your belly after the holidays…
  • Sound Ideas FX deals: Sound Ideas is the world’s leading and most well known publisher of professional sound effects libraries. Sales items include Digiffects Sound Effects, Industrial Soundscapes 5.1, Series 6000 – Ext. I – VII (50% off), and Universal Studios SFX Library.

The Holiday Specials are available through December.

More information: Pro Sound Effects