Producertech has launched a sale on selected video tutorial courses on bass related genres such as Drum and Bass and Deep Bass House, as well as mixing techniques.

The sale includes the following titles.

Bass Mixing Techniques by Seppa — In this thorough course from acclaimed UK producer Seppa, you’ll gain an unrivalled understanding of how to process and mix bass to create a professional sound using only Live’s built-in effects.

Producertech Bass Mixing Techniques

Riding high after the release of his dark and atmospheric Displaced EP, Seppa is a UK producer gaining a legion of fans for his exceptional ability to craft tracks infused with incredible moods and grooves.

DJ Fracture presents Drum and Bass in Ableton Live — Ever wanted to know the entire process of building a drum and bass track by one of the UK’s most talented producers?

Producertech Drum and Bass in Live with DJ Fracture

In this set of tutorials, Astrophonica label owner DJ Fracture takes you through each stage of working on a track, beginning with setting up the session, creating the beats, bassline and main lead parts, to building the arrangement, breakdowns, intro and outro, right through to tweaking the final mix.

Producing Classic Deep Bass House in Logic — In this 4-hour course, Ian Bland covers every aspect of creating the classic, funky, bass house track ‘Can’t Live Without You’, made exclusively for the tutorials.

Producing Classic Deep Bass House in Logic

All parts are individually conceived, before he shows in detail how to lay out and automate each section of the track, as well as add insert and send effects, mix and then master it.

Reso DnB Bass Masterclass — DnB legend Reso returns to the Producertech community to share his secrets for producing incredible Neuro-style basslines.

Producertech Reso DnB Bass Masterclass

His 2 hours of comprehensive tutorials cover sound design, arranging and composition, mixing and processing, all with Logic’s built-in instruments and effects.

The offer expires February 4th, 2019.

More information: Producertech