Producertech In the Studio with DJ Santé

Producertech has announced In the Studio with DJ Santé, a new course that uncovers the secrets behind making a classic house track, by one of Berlin’s hottest up and coming DJs and Producers, Santé.

The latest online course in the Producertech Presents series is a brand new set of tutorials, shot live in the studio of Santé, one of Berlin’s hottest rising stars. In the course, Santé shows how he constructed the classic house track ‘Do You Wanna 808’ with his preferred music software platform, Ableton Live.

The first movie teaches how to create and edit the main building blocks for the track, those being the beats, bassline and other loops and sounds, which are then mixed and processed in the following tutorial. Then, all parts are arranged in a lengthy lesson that shows how to construct the track, by creating breakdowns, rises in tension and huge, dancefloor-destroying drops, whilst also ensuring the track has good continuity and flow. The last tutorial shows how to make final adjustments and some quick and easy ways of preparing a track for uploading or sending to a label, using Live’s various mastering effects.

The course is available to purchase at Loopmasters.

More information: Producertech