Producertech has launched Making Music with Ableton Push, a new video tutorial course with Rob Jones.

Producertech Making Music with Ableton Push

Push, the hardware controller from Ableton, gives you powerful control over Live’s many features and the expressive abilities to create truly musical productions. With years of experience as a producer and DJ, Ableton Live Trainer and Course Director at Producertech, Rob Jones has both a wealth of knowledge and huge experience as a presenter, making him the best person to give you a deep insight into how to put Push at the centre of your workflow.

In this comprehensive three hour course, you’ll discover the massive functionality of Push. You won’t just be shown how it works, instead, Rob gives a detailed tour of its many features, following the natural order you would use to make a track. Individually tackling areas including sampling, drum programming and sequencing, you’ll build drum parts, create basslines and program chords and melodies – truly discovering how to use Push like an instrument. In addition, the course includes a variety of exercises that will have you drumming and playing Push like a pro.

Available 24/7/365, the course includes over three hours of videos, multiple project files and 200MB of bonus samples, courtesy of Loopmasters. Check out the trailer and sample module now, and take your first steps to mastering this tactile, music-making machine!

Making Music with Ableton Push is available for purchase for £29.99 GBP.

More information: Producertech / Making Music with Ableton Push