Progress Audio ShapeShifter

Progress Audio has announced it has reduced the price for ShapeShifter, a multi-effects plug-in for Windows.

ShapeShifter is a multi-effect VST plug-in which gives you a number of tools for changing your sounds, ranging from subtle effects through to extreme mangling of your audio.

ShapeShifter features

  • Waveshaper linked to a step sequencer, allowing you to create changes in tone that normal waveshapers can’t achieve.
  • Resonant Filter including an LFO and step sequencer to control the cut-off frequency.
  • Stereo Delay including step sequencers to vary the delay settings over time.
  • Gate to create rhythmic changes in volume.
  • Chorus & Reverb to fill out sounds and add some polish.
  • Compressor for controlling the dynamics of the audio.
  • The signal path is configurable so that the effects can be ordered any way you like for maximum flexibility.

ShapeShifter is available as a VST effect plug-in for Windows PC, now priced at $25 USD / 17 EUR / £15 GBP (over 50% off original price).

More information: Progress Audio