ProXL has released version 1.3 of Sonic Explorer, an audio preview software for Windows.

ProXL SonicExplorer is a Windows Explorer with audio preview and prelistening. It works quite the same as the normal Windows Explorer, but has less buttons and/or menu’s to keep the program small, fast and intuitive. It has it’s own sample display so you can see immediately where all the audio action is. Click the display to play from that position.

Changes in Sonic Explorer v1.3

  • Better compatibility with Win7 / Vista.
  • Improved copy/paste behaviour.
  • Small bug fixes.

ProXL has also announced it has set free its VST notepad tool VstNotesXL, and ProbaGate, a probability driven VST gate effect.

You can now download VstNotesXL and ProbaGate from the product pages for free. Commercial products require good support. It has become simply too difficult for me to keep up with all Operating System changes, 64 bit support, support questions etc. So have fun with these free plugins!